A Cosmetic Dentist Talks About Why You Should Not Whiten Teeth at Home

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A visit to the cosmetic dentist is the way to go if you need to whiten your teeth. However, due to busy schedules and the need to save money, some people look into alternatives, like getting over-the-counter teeth whitening kits or pastes, and do the procedure at home. However, these alternatives do not match up to the treatment provided by the cosmetic dentist. Continue reading to know why it is not advisable to whiten teeth at home.

Reasons to avoid DIY teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at home typically involves using whitening kits containing gel and a bleaching tray. The person will put the gel in the tray and wear it over their teeth for a few minutes. There is sometimes a light to accelerate the process. Other options include whitening strips and toothpaste, all of which have to be used for a couple of days to whiten the teeth progressively. They may seem like a cheaper and convenient way to whiten the teeth, but they are not advisable for the following reasons.

Potential side effects

The notion is that whitening the teeth is a simple procedure that does not always need a professional touch, but this is wrong. Before proceeding with whitening, the cosmetic dentist will first check if there are pre-existing conditions, such as sores, gingivitis or oral cancer in the mouth, all of which can be aggravated by the whitening gel. Undertaking the whitening procedure as a DIY process puts you at the risk of causing more issues that could have been prevented easily.

At-home whitening cannot whiten intrinsic stains and dental restorations

Dental restorations, such as dental bonding, crowns and veneers, do not respond well to teeth whitening gels. Those who want to whiten their teeth will need to have the restoration remade to blend with the new tooth color. Discolorations in the underlying layers of the teeth cannot be whitened with the whitening kits available over the counter. The attempt will only result in mismatched teeth colors. The cosmetic dentist can check the nature of the stains and provide the most suitable method of whitening.

Poor results

The concentration of the main whitening agent in the kits used at home is usually significantly lower, and therefore, the results are hardly noteworthy. Only licensed dental professionals can handle higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide safely, allowing them to achieve drastic results in only a short period. Unprofessional application of the agents at high concentration can cause damage to the soft tissues of the oral cavity, increase gum sensitivity or cause oral burns.

Consult the dentist

Visit the cosmetic dentist to discuss the in-office and take-home whitening options available. If you are worried about the cost, you can ask them for recommendations that would be convenient, safe and inexpensive. The dentist can discover any possible risk based on the condition of your oral health and adjust the treatment plan to achieve desired results. Whitening your teeth at home will not produce a dramatic result, like what you might receive from the dentist. Also, by visiting the dentist, you are at minimal risk of experiencing the potential side effects of teeth whitening.

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