Common Reasons for a Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone Grafting Saratoga Springs, NY

A bone grafting procedure is an innovative way of enhancing your overall oral health. There are many reasons why you might need a bone graft done for dental purposes, and we’re going to discuss what each of those reasons might be. 

What exactly is a bone graft procedure, and what should I expect?

A bone grafting procedure is performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist who takes measures to enhance the health of your teeth. While it sounds like a major and scary procedure, it isn’t relative to other dental procedures. The procedure entails making a small incision along your jaw to expose the bone. They will then add new, vibrant bone material to it to add extra strength and virility. 

The purpose of the procedure is to make your jawbone stronger and to build up new and healthy bone where you need it most. The most common reason this is done is to support a new tooth or aid in gum or jaw health. Preferably, the surgeon will take bone from another part of your body and add it to your jawbone. 

Are there different types of bone graft procedures?

There are several different options when it comes to a bone graft.

  • Autografts -Taking bone from your own body, such as from your hip or jaw
  • Allografts – Using bone from a different person, usually a cadaver
  • Xenografts – Bone from another species, such as a cow, pig, or coral
  • Alloplasts – Synthetic material, such as calcium phosphate or calcium sodium phosphosilicate (Bioglass).

What are some reasons for getting a bone grafting procedure?

  • Implant for a missing tooth or teeth

One of the main reasons for getting a bone graft procedure performed is to get implants installed. In some cases, your mouth and jaw are healthy enough to support implants, but not always. When your jaw isn’t healthy enough, you will need to have a bone graft performed to enhance the strength of your jaw. This is done so that the new tooth doesn’t decay and die when the dentist installs it. 

If your jaw is unhealthy and unable to support the new implants, then they will wither and die just like your original teeth did.  

  • Tooth loss or gum disease

Tooth loss and gum disease are other viable reasons for getting a bone graft done. Because a bone graft improves the health of your jawbone, your jaw will, in turn, help your gums to stay healthy. A bone graft strengthens your jaw and will make sure that it remains in good shape to support the rest of your mouth. 

  • Replace missing or unhealthy bone

Missing or unhealthy bone material in your jaw will lead to your face appearing droopy. If your jaw starts to deteriorate and droop, your lips, mouth, and the rest of your face are soon to follow. Eventually, the muscles in your face could all be impacted, and a bone graft, among other procedures, will be necessary to remedy the problem. 

A bone graft procedure isn’t a scary or uncomfortable experience. You have the option of using a local numbing agent, or you can opt to be put to sleep for the procedure. This is done to maximize your comfort and ease your fear of the procedure.

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