Dental Implants: What to Expect During the Procedure

Dental Implants Saratoga Springs, NY

Dental implants are known to be one of the best ways to replace teeth that are missing or severely decayed. They are commonly administered in cosmetic dentistry due to their ability to restore, improve, and enhance smiles. Additionally, dental implants can improve oral health by preventing bone atrophy, restoring bite force, and restoring speech function. While the ability of dental implants to do so many things is hard to beat, the process is somewhat involved. Read on to learn more. 

Expectations for dental implant placement

Below is a quick overview of what patients can expect during a dental implant placement procedure. It can be helpful to review the following information when preparing for the upcoming procedure.

Generally speaking

Almost all patients are put under general anesthesia during the dental implant placement procedure. Because the procedure requires minimally invasive oral surgery, it is usually easier to be unconscious, because there is discomfort. That said, there is not much to expect during the actual procedure because most of it will not be remembered. However, knowing what happens during the procedure can be helpful. Keep reading to find out the specifics of a dental implant placement procedure. 


Prior to getting dental implants, patients will undergo different cosmetic dentistry appointments consisting of consultations and evaluations, which will involve examinations, X-rays, and overviews of oral health history. 

The X-rays will give the dentist an idea as to whether dental implants can be amply supported by the existing bone. Examinations will also help determine what teeth need to be replaced and which ones are the top priority. Oral health history matters because minimally invasive surgery is involved, which can affect other pre-existing conditions if not done properly.

The procedure

When dental implants are placed, the patient will not be conscious. A general anesthetic will be administered, as well as a numbing agent and pain medication. To start, the cosmetic dentist will carefully place the dental implants beneath the gums and directly into the bone. The number of implants that need to be placed will dictate how long the procedure takes. 


Patients will be advised to rest and take time off to allow for healing. The process of osseointegration then starts, which can take anywhere from four to six months, depending on the number of implants placed. 

Expectations for afterward include the following:

  • Patience, as the process can take time
  • Maintaining check-up appointments with the cosmetic dentist
  • An adjusted diet of soft foods or liquids
  • Pain management with discipline

Find out more!

When looking for more information on dental implants, it is best to start with a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. An evaluation can be done in order to identify the most appropriate course of treatment. Additionally, the dentist can answer questions and go over any existing concerns. Reach out today to find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment. 

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