How a Smile Makeover Can Benefit Stained Teeth

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A stunning smile can only come from a smile makeover. This constitutes a bright, white set of teeth with strength and integrity. It is often a challenge to achieve white teeth on your own. Variables like genetics, aging, lifestyle, and diet impact the color of your teeth. A professional smile makeover is the most effective way to remove dental staining. If teeth staining is a problem you want to solve with a smile makeover, here are the details.

The causes of teeth staining

Many people want to have a brand-new smile. It seems like this is a common dental problem that many manufacturers try to solve. Products like whitening toothpaste and mouthwash might show results but only at low levels. Consumers need to use the products for months before results start to show. A smile makeover can give the most dramatic results in just a few dental visits.

The enamel becomes more porous as people age. The pores get bigger if the teeth do not receive proper oral care. Flossing and brushing can help keep teeth stain-free. Yet, because of the mentioned variables, staining still persists. Habits like drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking some medications, and drinking colored beverages can speed up the yellowing of teeth.

Smile makeover treatments

These treatments consist of various treatments that can rejuvenate teeth. One of the most popular procedures is porcelain veneers. These thin shells are custom-fit for each patient. After shaving off a thin layer of enamel from the patient’s teeth, the dentist will attach the porcelain shells to the front surface of each tooth. The veneers will cover the stains and other imperfections. Patients with yellow or dark grey stains can have this smile makeover procedure.

Professional teeth-bleaching treatments can remove stains and brighten teeth. If the patient has veneers or dental crowns, teeth whitening will not be effective. Only natural teeth can turn white from this smile makeover treatment. This is an effective and affordable procedure to have a smile makeover. An in-office teeth-whitening process allows the dentist to increase the amount of bleach at safe levels. This treatment lasts for one to two hours each visit.

In-office teeth-whitening treatments last for at least a year. If the patient has time, getting this treatment there will be better. Those who cannot go to the clinic for treatments can get home whitening trays. The difference is that the results from whitening trays do not last that long.

If the patient only has at least one darkened tooth, dental crowns can be the smile makeover treatment for the patient. A dental crown can cover the entire tooth to restore its strength, shape, and color. Porcelain and porcelain-fused-with-metal (PFM) are the two popular materials for dental crowns. These two materials mimic the color of natural teeth. They are durable and resistant to staining.

The right smile makeover procedure can give you a brighter smile

Teeth staining is a common problem. Even if you use the latest teeth-whitening products in the market, natural teeth do not whiten that much. A smile makeover is effective in removing dental stains. Teeth bleaching, veneers, and dental crowns are the most popular procedures for whitening teeth. Discussing these treatments with your dentist can determine which one will suit your needs most.

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