Is Bone Grafting a Painful Procedure?

Bone Grafting Saratoga Springs, NY

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that dentists use to rebuild or repair bones, which is achieved by transplanting bone tissue. By transplanting healthy bone tissue, dentists can recreate the bone and supporting tissues that are missing.

Is getting a bone graft a painful procedure?

Before we get to the answer to the question, it is important to understand what bone grafting is and how it is done. For most people, bone grafting is associated with dental implants. Dentists use it to increase the density of the jaw bone, which holds the implants in place. However, it is also used to combat gum disease.

Under what circumstances does a dentist recommend a bone graft?

Bone grafting is needed when a patient does not have a sufficient amount of healthy bone in their mouth to support dental implants or if a patient suffers bone loss in the jaw due to severe gum disease.

Anyone who lost a tooth and did not immediately get it replaced will likely need bone grafting. The bone underneath the tooth will likely have lost some of its density, which will prevent dental implant surgery from being successful.

What does tooth loss have to do with bone grafting?

The main function of the alveolar bone is to provide support for the teeth. If there is no tooth to support, the alveolar bone will decrease in mass because it does not serve any other function. Since the jaw bone is also built up and strengthened while chewing, it can also lose its density because there is no tooth to apply pressure where the natural tooth used to be.

Since dental implants rely on a healthy and thick jawbone to be successful, placing a dental implant will be difficult if there is no bone to work with.

What is the bone grafting procedure?

There are different types of bone grafts, the type dentists use depends on the extent of the damage the patient is suffering from and the location of the missing tooth. Some of the different gone grafting techniques dentist use include:

  • Socket graft: This is a bone graft designed to prevent the atrophy of the alveolar bone before it can occur. The healing time for this procedure is four to six months
  • Lateral ridge preservation graft: This type of bone grafting is used to increase the width of the jawbone in order to accommodate a dental implant
  • The block bone graft: This graft is only used when there are large defects in the jawbone. The procedure is performed by harvesting a small part of the bone from the back of the jaw. The healing time for this graft is also four to six months
  • Sinus lift procedure: For this procedure, the dentist will use equine bone because it provides two unique advantages. It does not dissolve as quickly as human bone and it is microscopically similar to human bone

How much pain will I be in when I undergo a bone graft?

There is little to no pain associated with a bone graft because the dentist will sedate the patient throughout the entire process. Even when the graft is healing, there should not be any pain. Once the graft has healed, the patient will be ready for their implants.


Bone grafting is a popular surgical procedure used to rebuild and repair bones, making them strong enough to hold dental implants in place. If you want to get dental implants and do not have enough bone density for the procedure to succeed, talk to your dentist about getting a bone graft.

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