Multiple Tooth Implant: How Many Implants Are Needed to Support a Dental Bridge?

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A multiple tooth implant might be what you need if you are missing multiple teeth. Implants are highly recommended when it comes to replacing teeth, as they are the only oral prosthetic that prevents the bone tissue loss that occurs when teeth are lost.

Bone tissues need regular stimulation the same way that muscle tissues need to be stimulated to prevent atrophy. Teeth roots keep bone tissues in the jaw properly stimulated by transferring bite forces into the jaw. This is lost when one or more teeth fall out.

Implants are inserted into a patient’s jaw and replace lost teeth roots. Implants are fitted with restorations like crowns and dentures to replace the person’s lost teeth. Using a multiple tooth implant makes replacing lost teeth more affordable.

How a multiple tooth implant is combined with bridges

A traditional bridge is usually attached to the two real teeth closest to the gap. These teeth might be fitted with crowns to make them stronger, hence more stability for the artificial teeth that will be used to close the gap, called pontics.

Preparing teeth for crowns is a permanent procedure that cannot be reversed. It requires removing enamel from all around the tooth. The tooth will always need to be protected with an oral restoration moving forward.

Implant-supported bridges prevent the need to alter healthy real teeth. Instead of using the two teeth closest to the space as anchors, the dentist installs implants at the ends. The implants are fitted with crowns that serve as abutments. The abutments serve as bases for pontics that replace the patient’s lost teeth.

Eligibility for implants

Implants are surgically placed in the jaw so patients should be healthy enough for such procedures. Health issues like diabetes can disqualify a person from getting implants. Patients also need to have sufficient amounts of bone tissues to hold implants in place. Those who lack the needed bone tissues can thicken their jawbone with bone grafts.

The process

Local anesthetics are typically administered during the installation of implants. Incisions might need to be made so the dentist can reach the jaw. Small holes are drilled into the patient’s jaw, and implants are pushed into these holes until they are held in place by the forces created by the surrounding bone tissues pushing down on the implant. The implants will bond with these bone tissues for the next six months. The process is called osseointegration, and it makes implants as stable as real teeth roots.

An impression of the patient’s mouth is then taken and sent to a lab where dental bridges and crowns are made. The implants are fitted with crowns, and the pontics are attached to them to restore the patient’s smile.

Replace your lost teeth

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