What to Expect at a Smile Makeover Consultation

Smile Makeover Saratoga Springs, NY

A smile makeover consultation offers a way for the individual considering treatment to learn more about smile makeover treatments and the best path for them to reach their cosmetic goals. Smile makeover visits are non-invasive and affordable for patients.

What takes place during a smile makeover consultation?

Every smile makeover consultation may look different for every patient. However, there is a general process that dentists typically follow to ensure that the patient can get the most out of the visit. Most smile makeover consultations include a discussion of treatment goals, an oral examination and dental X-rays, an explanation of all available treatments, and putting together a treatment plan.

A discussion of treatment goals

The first step that typically takes place during a smile makeover consultation is that the dentist will gather information about the patient’s reasons for considering treatment. Establishing clear goals is important to ensure that the treatment is customized according to the patient’s specific needs and treatment preferences. For example, a patient may want to specifically address teeth stains and create a more even and symmetric smile, whereas another patient may desire to straighten their teeth and fix a “gummy smile.”

An oral examination and dental X-rays

The next step that the dentist may do is to conduct an oral examination. This is non-invasive and involves checking all areas of the mouth with special dental instruments, looking for any issues that may need to be addressed, such as signs of gum disease and cavities. The dentist can also order dental X-rays to provide a better idea of the patient’s overall oral health, including jaw alignment, and signs of bone loss in the jaw.

An explanation of all available treatment options

The next step in a smile makeover consultation is the dentist explaining all available treatment options that can help the patient reach their treatment goals. Common treatments used during a smile makeover include:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers or bonding
  • Braces or clear aligners
  • Gum contouring/gum graft
  • Teeth replacement (e.g., implants)

Based upon the patient’s treatment preferences, the dentist may recommend one option over another and can explain the pros and cons of all treatment options.

Putting together the treatment plan

The last step is to put together a treatment plan. Smile makeovers typically involve multiple services performed over the course of several weeks or months, so having a detailed plan for when each visit occurs can be helpful. At the end of the smile makeover consultation, the dentist can schedule a follow-up visit to begin the treatment plan.

A smile makeover can help you achieve your ideal smile

You can fix minor imperfections and improve your smile through smile makeover treatment here at our dental practice. If you would like to schedule a consultation visit at a convenient time, call us today. We take genuine pride in assisting our smile makeover patients throughout the entire treatment process.

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