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You Receive Gentle Care

Our dental practice offers you the benefit of the latest techniques and clinical research in anesthesia, pain management, as well as techniques for addressing your dental anxieties. In contrast with many of the experiences that you may have had in the past, our goal is to ensure that your care is pain-free, and that you are offered minimally invasive & preventative solutions to improving your smile.

You Get treated with RESPECT

After going years without dental treatment, patients often put off returning to dentist for either: fear of being embarrassed by dental staff, fear of receiving treatment, or fear of cost. Our office will treat you respectfully, and offer you solutions to overcome barriers related to anxiety & finances. No matter what your dental needs are, we work together to devise a plan to get your dental health back on track. We make every effort to see you promptly at your reserved appointment time, and to complete your treatment in a minimal number of visits.

You Get More Options

  • Your treatment options can often be limited by the knowledge of the people directing your care, or by the benefit restrictions of an insurance company that does not have your best interest in mind. Many advances have taken place in the areas of : materials, prevention, regeneration, & cosmetics. Here, you benefit from hundreds of hours of post-graduate education & diverse clinical experience. You will be offered many ADVANCED treatment options that were not taught at a pre-doctoral level, and treatment recommendation will always be with your best interest in mind.
  • Our office prides itself on providing you well-explained options to select from before making your educated treatment decisions. We use education software to aid us in demonstrating what is possible. It is important to us that you understand both your treatment options, and the impact that your choices will have on your future state of dental health.

  • We are one of the only general dental practices in the area NYS certified to offer you IV conscious sedation. IV sedation is considered a much SAFER alternative to oral sedation since the dosage of drugs administered can be customized to each individual, and the IV offers a direct route for administration of reversal drugs if necessary. NYS requires MUCH MORE ADVANCED TRAINING to obtain this credential. For you, this means that years of neglect can often be repaired in a FEWER number of appointments – addressing many surgical, periodontal, and restorative needs while you remain conscious yet completely relaxed.

    You Receive Customized Treatment & Privacy

    Our practice is not a large multi-doctor practice that places multiple patients in the same treatment space, or shifts your appointments between different doctors who are unfamiliar with your needs. Computerized charting helps us to identify your needs, note your improvements, schedule your needs, submit your insurance, track your care.